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Morgan Spurlock bringing Seven Deadly Sins to Showtime

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Since the viewing public just can’t seem to get enough of Biblical stories being stylishly retold–Noah, Son Of God, a series on the Ten Commandments, David Mamet’s stab at the seven deadly sins for Fox–it was inevitable they’d eventually overlap, or that someone would attempt to make a compelling miniseries about Methuselah. For today, at least, Showtime has opted for the former, bringing in Morgan Spurlock  to host and executive produce the seven-episode documentary series Seven Deadly Sins. Differing from Mamet’s fictional spin on the same topic, Spurlock claims his will be an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents-style show completely of non-fiction stories,” attempting to show the real-life face of the various indulgences.


Though Showtime could easily substitute the “Gluttony” episode for another airing of Super Size Me, Spurlock has expressed a desire to find all-new real-life stories as depraved as you’d find in fiction. And if eating a month’s worth of McDonald’s doesn’t fit that metric, let this YouTube video of a man attempting to eat a raw stick of chorizo serve as a reminder of how horrifying humanity can be.

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