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Illustration for article titled Morgan Neville to direct CNNs Anthony Bourdain documentary for HBO Max
Photo: Robin Marchant (Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

CNN has announced that its CNN Films label, HBO Max, and Focus Features are all going to collaborate on a new documentary about Anthony Bourdain—who died a little over a year ago. The film will be directed by Oscar-winner Morgan Neville, who previously made 20 Feet From Stardom and Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, so it’s certainly a buzz-worthy choice for what will most likely be a high-profile documentary. In a statement, Neville said that Bourdain “did more to help us understand each other than just about anyone in the history of television,” adding that he “connected with people not in spite of his flaws, but because of them” and that it’s “humbling” to be able to tell his story.


This is almost certainly the same project that CNN Films announced last August, though the plan back then was to release the film in theaters and then move it over to CNN after that. With a new streaming service on the horizon, though, it sounds like CNN will just be skipping past the theatrical run.

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