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Morgan Freeman narrates the majestic March Of The Juggalos

Behold the juggalo, in its natural habitat…

Proof that a serene score and the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman can add unearned grace to any visual, March Of The Juggalos combines the actor’s narration from March Of The Penguins with scenes from the short film American Juggalo. The desolate imagery comes from a previous Gathering Of The Juggalos, the annual festival where Insane Clown Posse fans from all over the globe can meet, enjoy some…let’s call it “music,” and other activities including comedy, wrestling, and helicopter rides. What could just be footage of many people’s lost weekends now becomes an elegant ballet that echoes through the centuries; a moving tale of devotion, sacrifice, and Faygo.

The oft-sought voiceover champion lends a touch of gravitas to the festival proceedings. Unfortunate scenes of barely clad people having various liquids dumped onto them now carries a quiet dignity as it’s all part of nature’s majestic plan that keeps the world spinning through this elegantly designed and truly wondrous universe. Also, the video is NSFW as there are boobs in it.

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