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Morgan Freeman joins Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas' old man bachelor party in Last Vegas

The guest list for Last Vegas continues to grow, in the sense that it is fun to discuss a movie about a bachelor party as though it were an actual bachelor party, relative to cataloging listlessly the inevitable procession of time in all its meaningless minor triumphs and disappointments, anyway. There will be plenty of time for that in the actual movie plus hopefully some old-man boner jokes, after all, perhaps delivered in the sonorous, warmly authoritative voice of Morgan Freeman as he joins the previously cast Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas at the table for all the Hangover-the-hill shenanigans of John Turteltaub's comedy. According to the press release, Freeman will play an Army vet who's looking to "escape the watchful eyes of his son and daughter-in-law" and cut loose with his old-in-both-senses-of-the-word buddies—though this is just a smokescreen for his actual role as God, who's come to call home De Niro and Douglas et al. and lay his judgment upon them in the version of the film that we're pretending is real.


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