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While on a press junket for P.S. I Love You (ick), actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan enthusiastically answered a few questions about Zack "300" Snyder's upcoming Watchmen–perhaps the most anticipated and debated-over graphic-novel adaptation ever. Snyder is currently filming Alan Moore's superhero opus with Morgan starring as The Comedian, and while fans are justifiably leery about the director's ability to translate such a multilayered epic in the confines of a two-hour movie, Morgan has some positive things to say about the project. Most assuring quote: "[Synder]'s got a copy of the graphic novel in his hand at all times. It never comes out of his hand. He's constantly referring to it. He'll set up a shot looking at the novel. It's insane." And while the film is tentatively set for a March 2009 release, Morgan confirms that Snyder will premier footage at San Diego's Comic-Con in August '08.

And to answer your question: No, I don't get out much.


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