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Sometimes, it’s easy to tell what a movie will be like based on what actors are in it. If it has, say, Jason Statham, it’ll probably be a high-octane thrill-ride with lots of explosions and dumb one-liners. If it has—just to pick another name at random—Melissa McCarthy, there’s a good chance it’ll be a wacky romp with lots of fun physical comedy. But what if (and bear with us here) it has both? That’s the question posed by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig’s upcoming high-octane wacky romp Spy, which happens to star both Statham and McCarthy as government agents.


Inexplicably adding credence to this “judging a movie by who’s in it” theory, Spy has now added Morena Baccarin (via Variety) and Allison Janney (via Deadline) to an increasingly impressive-and-confusing roster that also includes Jude Law and even 50 Cent. Both Baccarin and Janney have experience with roles that center on exciting political drama—the former with Homeland and the latter with The West Wing—so maybe Spy will actually be more of a thriller, and we’ll get a chance to see McCarthy take on a high-profile serious role for once. Although, both Variety and Deadline refer to Spy as “a comedy,” so never mind.

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