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More thieves tried to extort Transformers crew but forgot to bring air conditioners

Suggesting that some people believe violence and freely flowing money have any place on a Michael Bay set, the Hong Kong set of Transformers: Age Of Extinction has once more been targeted by an extortion attempt. The Hollywood Reporter says a crew member was setting up on the roof of a Kowloon building on Tuesday, when she was approached by a group of four men who “intimidated her and asked for money”—a demand that wasn’t taken all that seriously, given that these men didn’t even bother bringing along an air conditioner, giving them zero leverage. Instead, the crew member called police, leading to the arrest of one 35-year-old man who’s currently being held for questioning, an ongoing investigation by the Anti Triad Unit, and a conversation in which Mark Wahlberg shook his head and said, “Whaaaaat?!” for five straight minutes. Michael Bay has yet to comment on how the crew member escaped her would-be blackmailers, though it’s assumed she was wearing Nikes.


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