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Following a requisite World Cup shoutout, BBC America opened its presentation to the Television Critics Association today with something else everyone was expecting: news of a third-season renewal for Orphan Black. Expected because the show doubled (cloned, perhaps?) the size of its audience during season two—but also because the show set up at least 10 more episodes of science-fiction conspiracy in its second-season finale. [Spoiler alert: Link leads to review. Review leads to specific plot points. Plot points occasionally lead to suffering on the Internet.] For the time being, Sarah Manning and her genetic duplicates will continue tugging on the sweater of Project LEDA, until they discover everyone on the planet is wrapped up in that sweater and wearing it to the occasional clone dance party.


Also expected: BBC America will make good on the “Broadchurch Will Return” message that concluded that show’s first season, bringing another round of that British mystery to the United States in 2015. Season two of Broadchurch will presumably air after Fox’s remake of the series, Gracepoint, thus providing viewers with the rare opportunity to compare a character played by David Tenant to a past version of that character. These additional helpings of Orphan Black and Broadchurch join The Last Kingdom and Tatau—a South Pacific-set thriller about a potentially mystical tattoo, so how’s that for expected?—on BBC America’s upcoming programming slate.

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