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More Deadwood stars are saying the movie’s script is done

Deadwood (Image: HBO)

Assemble the hoopleheads, rile up the man-eating pigs, and notify Powers Boothe: yet another actor has chimed in confirming that the script for the long-promised Deadwood finale movie has finally been finished and turned in to HBO. Last month, star Ian McShane said a script for David Milch’s beloved swear-Western had made its way to the network. Now, co-star W. Earl Brown—a.k.a. professional henchman Dan Dority—has confirmed that the completed script is making its way among the show’s cast.


It’s been more than ten years since Deadwood wrapped up without much in the way of real resolution, a decade filled with lots of cries of “It’s dead!” “Wait, no it’s not!” from the show’s cast and crew. Notably, those have been rough years for Milch, whose follow-ups, John From Cincinnati and Luck both fared poorly on HBO. (A third, The Money, never made it past the pilot stage.) But Brown was effusive in his praise for this return trip to the bloody backwoods town that taught us the historical significance of the word “cocksucker.” We’ll have to wait and see if HBO feels the same way.

[via Spin]

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