"Did you order something… hot?" (Photo: Pornhub)

Pizza delivery is a time-honored porn tradition. Some well-muscled “delivery guy” shows up at a babe’s house, they sort of hit it off, and the next think you know, they’re going at it like Papa John’s parents 60-odd years ago. But while the concept might seem tired—and it is—it’s apparently still in vogue, at least according to a new study by Pornhub.

As First We Feast reports, pizza porn searches have actually been increasing over the past year, meaning that more people internationally are interested in getting a little crust with their cum. Searches spiked in August 2016, with men being 23 percent more likely to search for pizza porn than women. The searches are also extremely popular with 18 to 24 year olds, with those who are older than 65 finding them disproportionately distasteful. Perhaps they’re opting to search for Metamucil play instead.

According to Pornhub, its consumers search “pizza delivery” on the regular, but also plug in terms like “amateur pizza delivery,” “naked pizza dare,” and “open door naked pizza.” There have also been searches for “pizza that ass,” which suggests that either people don’t understand how to spell “piece of” or are really into cheesy sploshing.


Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Americans don’t actually lead the world in pizza porn. In fact, we’re a lowly 43rd on the list. It’s more popular in places like Romania, South Korea, India, and Portugal, where pizza isn’t so damn mundane. Japanese pornheads are the least interested in pizza porn, something that makes sense given how weird most of their pizza is.