Suicide Squad

[This article contains some spoilers about the structure of Suicide Squad, and also all human life. Pretty heavy stuff.]

Say what you like—and God knows we have—about Jared Leto’s performance-artist-meets-dude-hurling-his-bodily-fluids-at-you-on-the-subway approach to playing the Joker in the recently released Suicide Squad: the man unquestionably worked incredibly hard on being as authentically awful as he could possibly be. So it’s understandable that Leto would be disappointed that so many of his efforts were apparently cut from the film, which he more-or-less disappears from at roughly its halfway point.


That’s the gist of a recent interview the noted method actor gave to IGN, where he rhetorically asked, “Were there any [scenes] that didn’t get cut from the movie?” and bemoaned all of the “experimentation” that director David Ayer left on the cutting room floor. Still, Jared Leto’s not one to stay away from the bright side for very long: “If I die any time soon,” he noted, “It’s pretty likely that it’ll surface somewhere. That’s the good news about the death of an actor.”


And while we might like to point Leto toward the concept of the “DVD extra”—or note that his comments are kind of incredibly shitty, given the death of actor Heath Ledger shortly after giving his own rightly celebrated, experimental take on the Clown Prince Of Crime—we doubt it would pierce the actor’s nihilistic, meme-hating facade. According to IGN, they ended the interview by telling Leto that they hoped he would not die any time soon, despite its positive effects on potential blooper release. “We all die,” he reportedly responded. Jared Leto, folks.