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Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes joins The Predator


Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes is taking a break from fighting the frightening, depressing monsters of prejudice, poverty, and institutional decay in order to fight the far more fun monster of a giant, spear-armed crab man from space. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rhodes has signed on for Shane Black’s The Predator, helping Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Munn protect Earth from a nuke-toting alien hunter.

Moonlight was a breakout role for Rhodes, playing the oldest incarnation of the film’s main character, Chiron, as he wrestles with the legacy of his abusive childhood and his complicated relationship with his own sexuality. We named it our second-best movie of the year, and it’s been nominated for six awards at this weekend’s Golden Globes. Now, Rhodes—who also had a one-episode stint on HBO’s recent hit Westworld—will get to try his hand at a big-budget blockbuster, fighting aliens in Black’s much-anticipated follow-up to last year’s amiably successful The Nice Guys.


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