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Montel Williams ending his show

After 17 years of encouraging troubled teens, overeaters, and alcoholics to "Move That Mountain!", Montel Williams has announced he is wrapping production of his syndicated eponymous chatfest at the end of this current season. Eschewing both easy exploitation and collared dress shirts even as the Ricki Lakes, Jerry Springers, and Maury Poviches reveled in incestuous couples and sent misbehaving teenagers to boot camp, Williams favored an uplifting, motivational message of "social responsibility" that may not have always paid off in the ratings, but should keep him out of whatever level of Hell is reserved for daytime talk show hosts. The decision to end The Montel Williams Show comes after several key Fox-owned stations abruptly decided not to renew it, leading some to speculate that Williams' recent appearance on Fox And Friends—where he chided the hosts (and tabloid news shows in general) for talking about Heath Ledger's death rather than covering Iraq—ruffled some feathers at the network, perhaps prompting Overlord Rupert Murdoch to pick up the phone and demand Williams' diamond-studded ear on a platter. (The clip of Williams' appearance is below. It should be noted that Montel did not, in fact, return after the commercial break.)

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