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As far as we know, Getty Images has exactly one picture of a Frankenstein playing the guitar, and this is it. God bless you, Universal Studios performer Jack DeFeo.
Photo: Stan Godlewski (Getty Images)

You know how it is: You’re working in your lab (late one night, as it happens), when your eyes behold a peculiar sight. (Some might even dub it “eerie.”) For Universal’s hopes for turning their classic movie monsters into a viable cross-media franchise from their slab began to rise! And suddenly, to our collective surprise…

Well, reader: They did the Mash.

That’s right, friends: Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s unkillable October novelty juggernaut is about to get even more unkillable-er, with THR reporting that Universal has begun development on a movie musical based on the fucking “Monster Mash.” (Not to be confused with the “Monster Fuck.”) Developed by music video director Matt Stawski, and written by Black List awardee Will Widger, the film will presumably follow every twist and turn of Pickett’s ode to dancing Draculas, from ghouls attempting to distract themselves from the misery of their undead existence with low-grade electric shocks, to the ultimate cinematic mystery box question: What ever happened to Drac’s Transylvania Twist?


(It’s now the Mash.)

It’s worth noting here that while “Monster Mash” is, indeed, a jam, it’s also only one song, and most experts suggest that a musical needs at least two of those to really live up to the name. We can’t wait to see how Widger and Stawski flesh out the “Monster Mash” canon with songs diving even deeper into its stories lore, like the rousing romantic ballad “Igor, You Impetuous Boy,” or the paternal drama of “Wolfman, Dracula, And His Son.” (We would also accept any song that has appeared on the soundtrack of any Hotel Transylvania movie, so buckle up, pun-infused cover of “Sexy And I Know It.)

Monster Mash is just one of several monster-themed movies Universal is floating around right now, on the off chance that anyone might, say, want to spend billions of dollars watching a cinematic universe featuring the Creature From The Black Lagoon. Elisabeth Moss’ Invisible Man comes out in just a couple of weeks, for instance, while Paul Feig and Elizabeth Banks are both also working on projects starring characters from everybody’s great-grandparents’ very favorite films.

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