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“Monster Machine” webseries brings life to the undead

Zombies are so in right now, but what about those people who really want to experience the walking dead for themselves? Sure there’s an untold number of video games, movies, TV shows, board games, and interactive events—but all of those are just simulations. What if there was a way to bring the zombies to life? Well, undead life anyways. Filmmaker Andrew Bowser has answered that question with his new ongoing (or limited, it’s hard to say) webseries Monster Machine.

In it, Bowser plays horror-obsessed inventor Vincent Dooly (check out all of those posters and props adorning the walls of his lab—Transylvania 6-5000! The Lament Configuration!) who has invited his friend Terry over to witness his latest creation. Terry, played by David Neher (Todd from Community), is incredulous about this new gadget until he sees it in action. Then Vincent and Terry begin exploring the possibilities of the various iterations of zombies that can be produced. From the generic gross decayed corpse, to the grayscale ghouls of Night Of The Living Dead, to many other versions on the theme (including Dan Harmon as a Zombieland zombie that can only move in slow-motion).

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