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Monster Energy drinks have taken on the over-caffeinated likes of Jolt, Red Bull, and good old-fashioned pep pills without losing any of the sleep they would be getting if they weren’t so hopped up on caffeine. But now, everyone’s favorite purveyor of jittery juice is in for a rough battle, taking on their obvious opposite number: Fred Schneider of the B-52’s.

In an article overflowing with B-52’s song title puns, The New York Post reports that the energy drink giant has taken exception to the “Love Shack” singer teaming up with Florida beverage company Breyting Coffee & Tea to market a coffee blend with the singer’s name and likeness. According to Monster Energy’s lawyers, Fred Schneider’s Monster Blend could be confused with the energy drink, although that drink is not coffee and doesn’t have the singer of The B-52’s on it.


Schneider laughed off the lawsuit, saying, “Oh please! You can’t copyright the word ‘monster.’” Even if you could, Schneider got there first, as the coffee blend is named in reference to his 1984 song “Monster.” (The energy drink debuted in 2002.) Breyting’s lawyer also insists Monster Energy has a history of “trademark bullying,” so watch your back, Frankenstein.

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