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Monobody ties math rock and pop together on the knotty “Exformation”

Started as a way for Matt Frank to release records by his band Loose Lips Sink Ships, Naked Ally Records has grown into a label with a focus on documenting Chicago’s arty D.I.Y. scene. Its latest release comes by way of the newly formed five-piece Monobody. The band’s self-titled debut is out April 7, but The A.V. Club is streaming “Exformation” ahead of the album’s release. “Exformation” shows the strengths of Monobody’s individual members as the instrumental act serves up dreamy math-pop that’s wildly intricate but never loses sight of hooks.

Pre-orders for Monobody’s self-titled album can be found in Naked Ally’s store, and the band is performing at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen on March 23.


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