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Mondo is bringing The Monster Squad to vinyl this May

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Mondo, a company that specializes in the sweet spot between crass nostalgia marketing and fulfilling the dreams of 35-year-olds, will be bringing the full soundtrack to 1987’s The Monster Squad to vinyl later this year. (Mondo certainly knows its market.) To tide over fans of Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s cult classic, the Austin, Texas-based company will be releasing a 7-inch single featuring the tunes “Rock Until You Drop” and “The Monster Squad Rap” featuring four collectible covers.


The “Dracula” cover with red splattered vinyl and artwork from Phantom City Creative will be available exclusively on Mondotees this May, while the “Wolfman” artwork by Gary Mullin with brown splatter vinyl will be premiering at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX later this week. (Upon close inspection, it’s unclear whether the artist truly captured Wolfman’s ’nards.) Meanwhile, a “Frankenstein” cover will be making its way to American record stores this May with artwork by Jason Edmiston, while the U.K. gets an exclusive “Gillman” cover by Randy Ortiz.

The Monster Squad soundtrack has never been released on wax before (CD re-issues, which included Bruce Broughton’s score along with the aforementioned pop tunes, were put out in 2007 and 2015 by Intrada and La-La Land Records, respectively). The A-side, “Rock Until You Drop,” was written by Michael Sembello, who wrote songs for Gremlins, Cocoon, and Summer Lovers in addition to composing (along with songwriting partner Dennis Matosky) the number one hit “Maniac” for 1983’s Flashdance. That song was rumored to be based off of William Lustig’s greasy, 1980 grindhouser of the same name. Next to nothing is known about who made up “The Monster Squad” who performed “The Monster Squad Rap” that’s featured on the B-side.

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