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Mondays still bad as the surreal Lasagna Cat returns to the internet after nine years away

Lasagna Cat

Out of the cottage industry of internet humor mocking Jim Davis’ Garfield, few entries are as ambitious or as surreal as Fatal Farm’s Lasagna Cat. Beginning with a live-action recreation of some random Garfield strip—featuring actors performing in terrifying Jon, Odie, and Garfield costumes and delivering the lamest one-liners possible—each video inevitably devolves into a bizarre music video riffing on the original comic, full of mocking pictures of Davis’ genially smiling face.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting all that, though, because it’s been nine years since Lasagna Cat released a new installment. Until today, when the series dropped 13 brand new episodes simultaneously onto its YouTube channel. The Lasagna Cat team seems to have spent the intervening time getting even weirder and more elaborate in their Monday-skewering ambitions, though, because each video goes all-out; one features an hour-long, pretension-drenched discussion of the comic in question, while another sees Jon and Odie fighting their way through the internet to the tunes of Kraftwerk, or Garfield as a breakfast-destroying, head-exploding kaiju. The most elaborate one is essentially a mean-spirited prank on the show’s audience; two weeks ago, the team released a phone number for a “sex survey” and apparently compiled all of the results into a single episode, in which a single non-sensical knock-knock joke is answered with a respondent’s full name and self-reported number of sexual partners over and over again. The video runs for nearly five fairly bland hours before interrupting the formula at the end, with some extremely disturbing and graphic content that is safe for work in no easily conceivable workplace. Such is Lasagna Cat’s world.


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