Once again hinting that Bryan Fuller intends to look at the lighter side of cannibal serial killers, Molly Shannon has joined the cast of NBC's upcoming Hannibal in an as-yet-unspecified but potentially recurring role, appearing in at least one episode of the Silence Of The Lambs prequel to start. Shannon has also been added to a roster of comedic performers like Kids In The Hall's Scott Thompson, Wonderfalls' Caroline Dhavernas, and her fellow Pushing Daisies' alum Ellen Greene that will keep things from getting too heavy with all the psychological mind games, Laurence Fishburne frowning, and cannibalistic serial killing. "Sometimes when she gets nervous she sticks her fingers under her arms and then she eats them like this," he said, denying everyone else the chance to make that joke, but knowing there are still Delicious Dish and "Schweddy Balls" jokes to go around. She was on Saturday Night Live!