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Molly Ringwald is returning to Riverdale

Photo: The CW

There are even more symbolically portentous storm clouds settling over the town of Riverdale, and they’ll be gathering over the head of Mary Andrews. Screen Rant reports Molly Ringwald will be reprising her role as Archie’s mom in season two of The CW sudser Riverdale. She may have only been in the final few episodes of season one, but without getting into spoilers, anyone who caught the season finale knows why the guitar-wielding teen’s mother might suddenly need to be around a lot more.


Show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has already said that season two will be a “civil war,” and added that Archie will be headed down a heroic path akin to the origin stories of Batman or Spider-Man. No word yet on whether Archie will suddenly develop the power to write good songs. Plus, if he needs to disguise himself, his mother will be able to teach him a hands-free way to apply his lipstick. Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 11.

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