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Molly Anne Coogan riffs on Things I Hate in new web series

Illustration for article titled Molly Anne Coogan riffs on iThings I Hate /iin new web series

For her new web series, Things I Hate, Molly Anne Coogan settled on a simple premise: things she hates. Coogan began writing the series as a way for her to act in a show that more accurately reflected her life. As she tells The A.V. Club,

I wanted to make the show because I wanted to tell my own stories. As an actor you’re constantly telling stories but you don’t always get to choose what those stories are. I was ready to do it with my own voice and my own perspective. I also wanted an excuse to work with people I love. I’ve worked as an artist in New York for a long time and there were so many people I’d meet and think “It would be so fun to do something with you.” So I finally said, screw it! And made it happen.


The A.V. Club is premiering the first two episodes of Things I Hate—“Lady Grooming” and “Weed”—below, both of which find Coogan grappling with the difficulties of daily life. These first two episodes also feature Zuzanna Szadkowski (The Knick, Gossip Girl) and Stephen O’Reilly (Orange Is The New Black, Inside Amy Schumer), promising that the six-episode series has plenty of tricks up its sleeve (and another four episodes if this crowdfunding campaign succeeds).

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