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Despite having just released an album, Modest Mouse is already gearing up to put out another one as quickly as it can. Following up on earlier reports that singer Isaac Brock wanted to unleash the new record “as quickly as it’s legally allowed to be,” Pitchfork has some new details about the album.


It seems the two projects were actually recorded at essentially the same time, with Brock always seeing the second record, which most likely won’t be released until 2016—as a “companion piece” to the group’s new album Strangers To Ourselves. Brock describes guest bassist Krist Novoselic’s contribution to the music as sounding “like a bunch of boulders falling down a mountain.” And in news that will certainly reassure anyone worried that the next album may be just a lazily assembled collection of tracks not good enough for this album, Brock says it will be called Whatever, possibly spelled Whabever, because he cares. “I just wanted to go as dumb as fucking possible,” said the singer, probably while pressing the demo button on a Casio keyboard and recording it in anticipation of releasing it as a “companion” single.

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