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Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock fell asleep at the wheel and caused a 5-car pileup

(Photo: Getty Images, Michael Chang)

As reported by The Oregonian (via Pitchfork), Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock crashed his car into a City Of Portland Parks truck the other day, but instead of him just driving off, the accident snowballed into a five-car pileup. Apparently, Brock had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit the truck, which then “hit a Subaru, which hit another Subaru, which likely hit a fifth car that left the scene.” The police examined Brock for any evidence of intoxication, found none, and then cited him with “careless driving.”

Thankfully, nobody involved was “seriously injured,” which means this would’ve been, could’ve been worse than you would ever know. Also, Brock’s car is wrecked but he still has the radio, and his windshield’s broken but he loves the fresh air, you know. Anyway, The Oregonian story doesn’t say what Brock was up to that caused him to be so tired, but perhaps he should’ve tried not wearing eyelids so he wouldn’t miss the last laugh of the show (or that truck and the many Subarus). Now, his car is on blocks but it’s already where he wants—assuming he wants to be in Portland.

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