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Modern take on Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes due in November

Illustration for article titled Modern take on Bob Dylan’s iBasement Tapes /idue in November

Bob Dylan’s reimagined Basement Tapes have a release date. Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes is due Nov. 11, and features modern versions of unrealized Dylan tracks from Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, and more. The record was curated by T Bone Burnett and aims to mix Dylan’s original lyrics, written in upstate New York in 1967, with more modern recording techniques and musical styles.


Earlier this year, The L.A. Times reported that more than 50 updated Dylan cuts had been recorded. Some of those didn’t make the final cut, apparently, with Lost On The River being offered as both a 15-song standard edition and 20-song deluxe version.

The entire record was laid down over just two weeks at Los Angeles’ Capitol Records studio, and the whole process was filmed for a documentary by Sam Jones, who previously documented Wilco recording Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. That film, Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued, will premiere on Showtime on Nov. 21.

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