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Modern Family might be getting a spinoff

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With Modern Family only growing more popular with each season, naturally ABC has begun to consider a spinoff, one that could sustain the franchise even after the kid who plays Luke descends further into puberty and a horrified America turns away. According to Deadline, talks are currently in the early stages about a show built around Rob Riggle’s Gil Thorpe, the real estate agent character who serves as a rival to Ty Burrell, and whose unlikable demeanor and annoying habit of making puns out of his name will surely only benefit from extensive weekly exposure.


Of course, not only is this just one of the spinoff concepts being discussed, it’s just the latest in nearly four years’ worth of attempts to find a TV show for Riggle, with various pilots in development at CBS and HBO having yet to find a way to make use of Riggle’s particular talents at playing someone you wouldn’t really want to spend a lot of time with. But this attempt comes from the producers of Modern Family, meaning it’s already won three Emmys.

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