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Modern Family fans make way more money than Empire fans

Photo: ABC

Here’s some hot news: Rich people apparently like a TV show about a (mostly white) upper-middle-class family. Yes, according to The Wrap, Modern Family has the viewers with the highest median household income at $85,300. It’s followed by New Girl, and then three ABC shows: Designated Survivor, Black-ish, and The Goldbergs. Affluent folk seem to enjoy pleasant half-hour comedies, and Kiefer Sutherland facing insurmountable odds. The last time the publication did this study, Modern Family also topped the list, only it seems its fans have now gotten even wealthier. Previously, their median household income was $81,100.

On the other side of the spectrum, the show with the lowest median household income was determined to be Empire, at $46,400. It’s topped by Dateline Mystery, Rosewood, Caught On Camera, and 48 Hours, in ascending order. Back in 2013 the “poorest” show was Bob’s Burgers.


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