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Modern-day Hanson arrives in the form of beach-loving brothers who play Alice In Chains

For too long, we’ve awaited the second coming of a band that captured the same fraternal spirit of Hanson, resurrecting the group’s long-haired joie de vivre for a new era. Well, it seems our wait is over as Mixed Up Everything, a group of four brothers who seem to like headbanging to the sound of moody grunge hits and the good vibes of a day at the beach equally, has arrived to carry a reimagined version of the MMMBaton into the modern day.


The quartet’s YouTube page tells us Mixed Up Everything consists of “4 Brothers rocking Real Music with Real Instruments” who promise “NO computer generated crap that pollutes the airwaves daily...” True to form, their grunge-heavy channel is filled with covers of rock staples from bands like Alice In Chains, Collective Soul, and Nirvana.

There are so many remarkable features to the boys’ aesthetic—their hatred of shirts and uniform of long, sun-bleached hair, for example—that their talent takes a few seconds to register. But listen to these barefoot bros’ perfect harmonies and skillful control of their instruments and it becomes clear that they’re more than just a novelty act.

Trawling through their catalogue provides a sort of reverse coming-of-age story, the (literal) beach boys growing younger as the listener hears hits from bygone days that get them thinking of how at one point they, too, weren’t so different from the lads of Mixed Up Everything: Fresh-faced, full of promise, and buoyed by a sense of hope deep enough that it can’t even make playing a ton of grunge a complete downer.

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