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Moby's new album to feature guest spots from Wayne Coyne, Mark Lanegan, Damien Jurado, and more

Moby has released five solo records since 1999’s blockbuster Play, his last being 2011’s Destroyed. However, they’ve all flown relatively under the radar, being more attuned to the dance floor and lacking the widespread, commercial friendliness of that one late-'90s outlier. But that could all change with the Oct. 1 release of Innocents.

Suggested by his label to be one of the best albums of Moby’s career, Innocents marks the first time the electronic musician has worked with an outside producer—in this case, Mark “Spike” Stent, who's also worked with Madonna, U2, Muse, Bjork, and Massive Attack. Innocents also features guest appearances from The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, Mark Lanegan, Cold Specks, Skylar Grey, Damien Jurado, and Inyang Bassey, who also sang vocals on “The Right Thing” off Destroyed. That motley crew—whom Moby calls “The Innocents”—may or may not accompany the musician on "tour," a jaunt that will only be about three shows long and take place entirely in L.A., “most likely at a theatre within walking distance” of Moby’s home.


First single “A Case For Shame” takes on the upbeat topic of death, with the video below entering the realm of the recently deceased.

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