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Moby says he has an inside line to the White House, but who doesn’t these days?

(Photo: Getty Images For International Documentary Association, Todd Williamson)

Moby does have the kind of inconspicuous look that would make for a good spy, but few people would actually expect him to be pulling some covert Mata Hari stuff in between making cool beats or whatever. Apparently, though, Moby has some kind of special access to important players in Washington D.C., and they’ve told him that this Donald Trump guy is pretty much an unhinged maniac who is going to try and send us into another pointless war. Moby laid all of this out in a Facebook post (via NME), and—at the very least—it proves that he has access to some pretty great photos of Trump and that goblin who tells him to do bad things:


The weirdest thing here, though, is that none of this is all that weird. These days, it seems pretty normal to not only think that the stuff Moby is saying is true, but also that he has some kind of inside line to the White House. After all, The Washington Post just published a story today about the Trump administration’s laughable approach to security—which involves allowing random dudes to sit a few feet away while Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have what seem to be important national security conversations—so the idea that somebody would leak information to Moby of all people is not only believable, it’s predictable. At this point, it would be surprising if anyone out there didn’t have some kind of secret contact who is feeding them information about the Trump administration’s impending collapse and/or future evil schemes.

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