David Lynch’s work is as recognized for its soundscapes as for its images: sinister drones, layers of sound effects, swells of romantic strings and icy synths, classic pop songs as soundtracks to nightmare. Last year, the director’s David Lynch Foundation—which funds transcendental meditation programs for schools, prisons, homeless shelters, and veterans’ groups—held a benefit concert in Los Angeles that featured renditions of Lynch soundtracks, songs associated with his films, and a few of his own compositions.

On April 15, Communion will release a double LP of the concert, The Music Of David Lynch. The roster is full of Lynch collaborators, friends, and super-fans: longtime composer Angelo Badalamenti performing three themes from his classic Twin Peaks score; Rebekah Del Rio giving a live rendition of “Llorando,” the song she performed in Mulholland Dr.; Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd tackling the soundtracks of Eraserhead and The Elephant Man; and Lykke Li doing Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” which became a hit single almost two years after its original release after a DJ heard it in Wild At Heart.


The full tracklist is below, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

LP 1

1. Angelo Badalamenti, “Laura Palmer’s Theme”
2. Donovan, “Love Me Tender”
3. Chrysta Bell, “Swing With Me”
4. Tennis and Twin Peaks, “In Dreams”
5. Rebekah Del Rio, “Llorando”
6. Sky Ferreira, “Blue Velvet”
7. Jim James, “Sycamore Trees”
8. Karen O, “Pinky’s Dream”


LP 2

1. Angelo Badalamenti, “Dance Of The Dream Man”
2. Moby (featuring Mindy Jones), “Go”
3. Duran Duran, “The Chauffeur”
4. Lykke Li, “Wicked Game”
5. Zola Jesus, “In Heaven”
6. Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd, “Soundscape From Eraserhead And The Elephant Man”
7. Angelo Badalamenti, “Twin Peaks Theme”
8. David Lynch, “A Poem Of Unknown Origin”

Here’s Zola Jesus belting out “In Heaven” at the same concert: