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"Moby Dick in space" movie in space-development, in space

Taking Herman Melville's classic tale of revenge and whale penises to its most logical conclusion and then adding "in space" to it, We Need To Talk About Kevin writer-director Lynne Ramsay will tackle as her next psychological thriller described as a "Moby Dick in space" tale, as are most things. Particularly things that are Star Trek stories, Ray Bradbury's radio play Leviathan '99, and the Futurama episode "Mobius Dick," whose similarity to this film Ramsay will not even bother to hide by titling it Mobius. Anyway, as one would expect, Mobus involves a space captain endangering his spaceship crew by space-seeking space revenge on an elusive space creature, in space. The presence of an android demanding you identify it as I.S.H.M.A.E.L. is not yet confirmed. In space.

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