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Mobile game Temple Run will now be a movie

Apparently an adventure film based on a video game series with a purposefully cinematic style and an actual story is too complicated for Hollywood, as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has languished in development hell ever since David O. Russell decided to walk out on the project. But now Gravity producer David Heyman is developing an adaptation of the Imangi Studios mobile game Temple Run, the far simpler, smaller jungle chase game that's already spawned a sequel, as well as licensed spinoffs starring characters from Brave and Oz The Great And Powerful. According to THR, “the story would center on an explorer, who, having stolen an idol from a temple, is chased by demonic forces”—which is literally the entire premise, as summed up in the first two seconds of playing the game. Either this new competition means Uncharted will continue to collect dust, or there are now two chances for Nathan Fillion to be passed over to star in a new Indiana Jones-like adventure.


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