Chicago-based food blogger Kathy Bejma has been running her blog Metalcakes, which features cupcake recipes inspired by metal bands from GWAR to Celtic Frost, for over four years now. But not all of her interests are cvlt. Some of them are just cult, like her new The Simpsons-inspired blog Faberge Egg Salad. Subtitled “recipes and fandom inspired by the best episodes of The Simpsons,” the blog features original recipes based on classic Simpsons episodes. (Bejma says “I really only like the first 10 seasons, so that’s all I’ll cover,” even though she admits that the name of her blog comes from a Season 13 episode, “The Bart Wants What It Wants.”) Faberge Egg Salad is still pretty new, so there are only three recipes to try at this point—Homer’s D’Oh-nuts, Frostillicus Moon Pies (what a time to be alive), inspired by the episode where Jasper Beardly tries to cryogenically freeze himself at the Kwik-E-Mart, and The Flaming Homer, aka The Flaming Moe, which, according to Bejma is made like so:

1oz Sloe Gin
1oz Tequila
1oz Creme de Menthe
1oz Blackberry Brandy
1oz Pineapple Juice 
1oz Cran-Grape Juice
splash of cough syrup
small amount of 151 rum


Pour everything except the rum into a blender.
Blend for 10 seconds.
Pour into a thick highball glass.
Hold a spoon, backside up, into the glass so that the tip of the spoon is just touching the top of the drink.
Slowly pour the rum over the back of the spoon so it just floats on top of the drink.
Carefully ignite the rum with a long-handled match, or butane lighter. Only allow the drink to burn for a few seconds.
Remember to extinguish the flame before taking a drink.