As TV Guide is nothing if not bipartisan when it comes to reporting which television shows our presidential candidates watch and/or say they watch in a calculated bid to create a sense of identification with the American voter, the magazine has followed its recent inquiry into President Obama's viewing habits with one looking at Mitt Romney's. Not surprisingly, Mitt Romney says he "really enjoyed" Friday Night Lights when it was on, even if some people involved with Friday Night Lights really wish he hadn't, but he also has some other favorites which he regularly puts on the television box to observe for entertainment purposes, much as all Americans do.

Namely, Mitt Romney really likes NCIS, Modern Family, Justified, and 30 Rock—which is a list of shows that Mitt Romney genuinely loves, and not just a cross-section composed of the most popular drama and sitcom on TV, a cult favorite with Southern appeal, and one token comedy that demonstrates he can laugh along with the liberal elite. No, these are the series that Mitt Romney genuinely enjoys watching, just like several key demographics of you.


Romney also named his favorite movie (the Coen Brothers' comedy about the craftiness of poor people, O Brother Where Art Thou?), and in a line that could probably be cynically used against him as a sly commentary on how he also changes himself to suit different purposes, he says he used to really like watching Transformers with his kids. Fortunately, like TV Guide, we're also bipartisan, so we won't be doing that here.