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Mitski announces "last show indefinitely," takes on new job of reminding people what "indefinitely" means

Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images)

For years indie singer-songwriter Mitski has engaged in a whirlwind of touring, albums, and gorgeous music videos with very little rest in between. So it would make sense that one might want to take a breather after such a long grind, which is exactly what Mitski plans to do after her last show in September. Mitski made the announcement yesterday morning via Twitter.


“This will be my last show indefinitely, and and [sic] I’m glad it’s ending in NY where I came up,” she stated, following that up with ticketing information. Such a straightforward message should be enough to sufficiently inform her fans of her future plans, which should hopefully include the pesky matter of finding a home. Instead, she’s spent the past day clearing up some confusion, starting with the fact that she’s not canceling any upcoming shows prior to September 7.

Mere hours later she returned to Twitter to clarify that she is not “quitting music,” a point that is only muddied by those who have forgotten that “indefinitely” means an unspecified amount of time, not forever.


Apparently none of this was enough to quell the concerns of promoters, who felt compelled to contact her and reconfirm the shows she never cancelled in the first place. The announcement of a much-needed break shouldn’t cause such a dust-up, but here we are.

We hope the hiatus is a peaceful one. Thankfully, fans still have her 2018 album Be The Cowboy to tease their earbuds during the downtime.


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