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Mitch Hurwitz announces "remixed" version of Arrested Development's 4th season

Photo: Arrested Development (Netflix)

When Arrested Development made the jump to Netflix for its fourth season in 2013, it introduced a weird and somewhat controversial format that involved dedicating each episode to a single member of the Bluth family. The idea was intended to embrace the show’s new streaming home, where viewers could choose whatever episodes they wanted to watch in whatever order they wanted to watch them, and—in theory—by the time they had watched them all they’d recognize how the whole narrative fit together and how one episode’s jokes built off of another episode’s jokes. It didn’t work out super well, which is probably why series creator Mitch Hurwitz has been talking about making a chronological edit of the season since 2014.

Now, finally, Hurwitz has announced that he has actually finished that new take on Arrested Development’s fourth season, and he’s ready to release it on Netflix this Friday—a.k.a. “Cinco De Cuatro.” Hurwitz shared that news on Twitter, dubbing the new version of the season Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences. As explained in his post, the “new” season will be 22 episodes of “interwoven episodes” rather 15 “individualized stories,” and he promises that it’s “funny in a whole new way.”


Elsewhere in the post, Hurwitz teases that the show’s long-promised fifth season is coming to Netflix “soon,” noting that it’s actually coming so soon that you might be surprised by how soon it is. He doesn’t give any more hints beyond that, but with the season four remix already coming on Friday, Netflix might want to celebrate Cinco De Cuatro in style and just throw an entirely new season out there as well.

(Also, if you’re frustrated by Hurwitz’s BLT joke, in which he names the wrong kind of sandwich, you’ll be happy to know he has revised the entire post just to fix that reference.)

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