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Mitch Hurwitz making a chronological edit of Arrested Development’s fourth season

Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development, said in a recent interview that he’s working on a new cut of the show’s fourth season that tells the story chronologically. When it was released on Netflix in 2013, season four followed a structure that focused on one character per episode, keeping the timeline out of whack and making some of the jokes difficult to grasp because they weren’t fully explained until later episodes. At the time, many binge-watching fans and critics hailed Hurwitz’s attempt to make something different, agreed they would revisit the entire thing a second time to really appreciate it, then never did so, because TV shouldn’t be so much work, man. But now Hurwitz is making it easier on you.

No word yet on whether this new cut will be included with the upcoming season four DVD box set, which you’ll still have to design yourself.


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