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Mitch Hurwitz and Netflix making more shows that may or may not be Arrested Development

Last night brought bad news for any Community fans holding out hope that the prospective movie that comes after the show’s theoretical sixth season would be the Mitch Hurwitz-starring campus romp Koogler. Should either of those fan dreams come true, Hurwitz might be too busy making his own shows: The Arrested Development creator has signed a multi-year development deal with Netflix, furthering Netflix’s push to be a real, live television network and playing into Hurwitz’s long-standing plans to keep you hanging with regard to future Bluth family adventures. Per the terms of the agreement, Netflix gets new series created and produced by Hurwitz, as well as shows from other creators that are produced by The Hurwitz Company. (As Netflix broadens its programming horizons, might it be interested in a revival of either Mock Trial With J. Reinhold or Bud Cort?) Any of those shows could be a fifth season of Arrested Development or that ever-elusive sequel film, though that show’s future still depends on 20th Century Fox, Imagine Entertainment, and the end of the delightful game of peek-a-boo Hurwitz and Netflix boss Ted Sarandos have played with Arrested Development viewers since season four debuted last spring.

But there’s also nothing to say that Koogler can’t be developed into a Netflix Original. C’mon… it’s Koogler! The guys want to be him and the girls want to be with him! Beer 101! Koog-LER! Koog-LER! Koog-LER!


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