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Mister Ed will be a live-action/CGI family film, announces man mouthing words that resemble human speech

Waterman Entertainment—the production company that has acquired older family properties like Alvin And The Chipmunks and, most recently, The Brave Little Toaster, reviving them as live-action/CGI films that illustrate the disappointing inertia of a life monopolized by nostalgic visions of childish things—will now do the same for talking-horse sitcom Mister Ed. Though the show about a man's stress-induced manifestation of his own human frailty as an ever-mocking beast was last set up at Fox 2000, Waterman has now taken the reins on the project, which is our own example of some good, clean, horse-related humor that could make for a marketable family film, when combined with photorealistic CGI effects. That, plus the addressing of social values, morality lessons, and other characteristics that are clearly identifiable as children's entertainment that today's kids demand and/or receive anyway.

Indeed, that's the Waterman Entertainment guarantee for all of its library, according to a statement: "While each property remains independent of each other, they will share the commonality of addressing social values, morality lessons, and characteristics that are clearly identifiable for kids with comedic elements for all age groups," said company spokesman Cooper Waterman of his own, natural volition, and certainly not while just being made to look as though he's saying something by being repeatedly anally violated, as that would not be a characteristic that is clearly identifiable for kids.


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