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Missy Elliott releases new song “I’m Better,” announces documentary out this year

Screenshot from "I'm Better" video

Although Missy Elliott hasn’t released a record since 2005’s The Cookbook she’s found ways to remain in the public eye. She’s released songs intermittently over the years, and even when she’s collaborating with Fall Out Boy on a song for a new Ghostbusters movie she finds ways to retain her constant aura of cool. Today she released a new song, “I’m Better,” with an accompanying video that is appropriately futuristic and lavish. This comes paired with the trailer for a documentary chronicling her artistry and influence as well as an interview with Fact. There she discusses the wealth of unreleased material, saying she has five or six albums of “blackmail music” that will never see the light of day. In the interview claims that she is always working on music, but whether or not we’ll get to hear any of it remains another matter entirely.

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