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Missy Elliott is timeless in the music video for "Why I Still Love You"

Missy Elliott released the third installment of The Iconology Saga (not the official name, but humor us here) in the form of another new music video. “Why I Still Love You” is retro, du-wop R&B ballad about a frustratingly persistent love. As she cruises through the decades with her girl group, the Demeanors, Missy croons about her inability to leave behind a man who is likely not worth the sheen in her afro. She doesn’t need us to tell her that she deserves better, but...

“Why I Still Love You” is a clear continuation of the arc established in “Throw It Back,” taking place in the same museum dedicated to the artist-producer’s legacy. While the first two installments featured Teyana Taylor, this video includes a cameo from R&B icon and longtime friend Monica, who plays the mother of the curious young fan-slash-museum-goer. Before the video ends, the now-standard “to be continued” placard informs the viewer that the story isn’t quite over yet. Only one song remains from the Iconology EP— the collection’s resident party anthem, “Cool Off”—which will likely conclude the series.

Elliott will be headlining the Governor’s Ball this summer in NYC alongside the likes of Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, and Stevie Nicks. It’ll be her first major headlining event in New York in over a decade.

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