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Missy Elliot rapped "Work It" with that karaoke lady

Everybody’s got that one song, the one that, once you begin bellowing it into a mic, transforms you from an unremarkable flesh sack into a fearless performer in search of an audience. Mary Halsey lived the dream last month when a clip of the Rhode Islander performing a spot-on rendition of Missy Elliott’s “Work It” lit up the internet. So popular was Halsey’s turn that Elliott herself tweeted it out, calling Halsey her “funky white sister.”


To reach a certain level of virality is to stumble your way onto daytime TV, and that’s just what happened to Halsey, who on Thursday was invited by Ellen DeGeneres to hoist up that weird horn once again and perform the track in front of millions. (The horn is actually a shofar.) Halsey is game as hell, and, when Elliott emerged from the wings—as we all knew she would, this being Ellen—barely missed a word.

Together, the pair wrapped up the song with aplomb, exchanging some adorable hugs along the way. And, while a future collaboration is unlikely, it at least serves to remind us of that Elliott monument some people were trying to build in Virginia last year. If they’re still looking for signatures, we’re sure Halsey’s fans could provide a few more.

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