Pitchfork (yeah, yeah) has picked up on this Boston Craigslist ad offering guitar lessons from none other than Mission Of Burma's Roger Miller. Asked to elaborate on why the post-punk legend would be trolling the Internets looking for scratch like some rent-starved hesher, Miller tells Pitchfork:

"The primary impetus to give lessons was economic. Burma is not exactly the most hyperactive band on earth…So I thought I'd try out the guitar-lesson thing. I've done it before, and I seem to be a pretty good teacher. Sympathetic, moderately knowledgeable, that sort of thing. I was quite surprised at the amount of responses.

Miller adds, "I try to give the students the information they need, rather than teach them how to play Burma riffs. (Of course if they want that, I could probably learn a couple Burma riffs to show them….)." So if you've always wanted to learn how to make that crazy squealing sound in "Red," here's your chance. (And don't worry too much about fucking up, axe neophytes. We're pretty sure Miller won't be able to tell under those firing-range headphones.)