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With Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and director Christopher McQuarrie all in place for Mission: Impossible 5 – The Park Clean-Up Initiative [Prop. 109: Removal Of Used Prophylactics By Water Fountain], talk has now turned to who might play its villain, and what sort of accent he should have. According to Deadline, the film has decided to go “classic” by offering the role to Sean Harris, an actor who is British—and therefore evil—in addition to being named “Sean,” so you know he’s a right bastard.


Harris is perhaps best known for his role on Showtime’s The Borgias, though movie audiences may also recognize him from Prometheus or 24 Hour Party People, where he played Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. It’s unknown as yet who his M:I5 character might be—or even if he’s actually got it, as Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. cautions, “They are negotiating, though I’m being told don’t dress for it just yet.” In the meantime just sit there, naked and confused.

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