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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Miss March, a comedy about a guy who wakes up from a coma to discover his high school girlfriend has become a Playboy model, is receiving the harshest reviews given any movie in this young year, and some of the worst of this rapidly aging decade. Over at the review aggregator Metacritic, the film— written and directed by and starring two members of the comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U' Know—has a cumulative score of 10 out of a possible 100. It's received no positive notices and its highest rating, a 30, comes from the New York Times' Rachel Saltz, whose most quotable line—"The problem with Miss March is it isn't very funny"—probably won't end up on many posters. In a less restrained review, Salon's Stephanie Zacharek calls it "the biggest pile of crap I've seen in ages." (The A.V. Club's own Nathan Rabin's, who gave the film a "D," lands on the high end of the critical spectrum.) That score places it at 22 on Metacritic's all-time-worst-list, higher than Battlefield Earth but tied with Whipped (the worst film this writer has seen as a professional critic.)

Miss March fares somewhat better over at Rotten Tomatoes, where it enjoys an 11% approval rating thanks to a pair of positive reviews. One comes from Kevin McCarthy at WJFK radio ("Overall, this movie is just a gem in the comedy department") and the other from TheMovieBoy.Com ("sneakily smart and knowledgeable about what it takes to tickle the ribs of the not easily offended"). Together, they keep the film from entering Rotten Tomatoes' all-time-worst-list, where the bottom 100 begins with Catwoman (9%) and ends with the 0%-rated Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.


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