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Mirren and McKellen amp up their cat-and-mouse game in the new trailer for The Good Liar

The first trailer for the upcoming Helen Mirren/Ian McKellen showdown, The Good Liar, focused on the online-spawned romance between the two. Mirren’s Betty McLeish is a millionaire, making her a perfect mark for longtime con man Roy Courtnay, played by McKellen. But, a new trailer for the movie now teases: “The perfect mark becomes the perfect match.” What if Betty is just as much a grifter as Roy is? And if so, what is she after?


We’ll find out when the movie is finally released, but meanwhile it’s a thrill just to see brief glimpses of these two acting legends face off in these trailers for the first time. (Bonus: Downton Abbeys Mr. Carson, Jim Carter, as a crony of Roy’s.) What we wouldn’t have given for some Lord Of The Rings/Excalibur overlap, but we’ll settle for The Good Liar’s intense cat-and-mouse game when the movie hits theaters on November 15.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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