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Mira Sorvino to get TV-married to Jim Gaffigan on CBS

Although her drama pilot Trooper failed to take off, Mira Sorvino continues to make a concerted effort to launch the television career we’re still going to take credit for because she openly campaigned for it here, this time returning to comedy by landing the female lead in CBS’ Jim Gaffigan pilot. In keeping with the show’s semi-autobiographical spin on Gaffigan’s life, Sorvino will take her name and the surprising attractiveness ratio of their relationship from Gaffigan’s actual wife Jeannie, playing “a super-wife and super-mom. The mother of five kids, she has a sixth child in the house: her husband Jim.” She works to hold their family together, while Gaffigan works to bring home the 30-minute monologue about bacon. They’re the original odd couple! Or, some other phrase conveying the dismayingly generic premise regarding sitcoms about suffering wives and their man-child husbands, which hopefully can still be overcome by the cast and Rescue Me writer Peter Tolan.


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