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Presaging a near-future where you can’t enter a room without being greeted by a Steven Spielberg TV show targeted specifically to you, Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment is developing a series based on his 2002 hit Minority Report. The film—about a group of lazy bald people who just lie around in the tub all day, telling cops about crimes that haven’t even been committed yet so they’ll leave them alone for bath time—will be turned into a weekly show with the help of Godzilla writer Max Borenstein, who definitely knows something about promising action that doesn’t actually happen for a while.

According to The Wrap, Spielberg is likely seeking a “name actor”—similar to his nabbing of Halle Berry for Extant—to run in Tom Cruise’s place, though it’s unclear as yet just how closely it will follow the plot laid out in the film or the Philip K. Dick story it’s based on. But most likely it will take the form of a procedural, with the PreCrime unit investigating suspects based on crimes predicted by its omniscient surveillance. As The Wrap points out, this is very similar to the plot of CBS’s Person Of Interest; still, that show doesn’t have any magic goo-baths, so it’s different.


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