Not everyone can live like Corey Feldman, which is why the former child star has translated his $250-a-head VIP birthday experience into a live stage show, so the hoi polloi can experience, if only for one night, the magic of hanging with the Feld. That experience includes scantily clad women in Leg Avenue angel costumes as well as Feldman in a white T-shirt and sequined pants, spinning and moonwalking in tribute to his late friend Michael Jackson, with whom Feldman has a long-standing, actually kind of understandable obsession. (When Michael Jackson was a normalizing influence in your childhood, you must not have had much else to hang on to.) Here’s what attendees of the minor-league State College Spikes baseball game in State College, PA were treated to at last night’s game:

And although the fans who wandered by Corey Feldman And His Angels on their way to the bathroom seem to be having an okay time—or at least excitedly anticipating selling their cell phone video to TMZ—Spikes management was apparently embarrassed enough on Feldman’s behalf that they posted an apology for the performance:


Feldman, presumably, would still do a sequel.